Dev Retro 2022: becoming a Software Developer.

Dev Retro 2022: becoming a Software Developer.


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The site in the image was the first project I built.

Where it started.

I was one of the kids who spent most of his time in front of the computer. Chatting with friends on Yahoo messenger and MSN. I loved to play games but with that, I was always wondering how these things are made. and my uncle being a graduate with a degree in MCA, one can say that all the stars were aligned and that is when the fascination with tech started for me, but it wasn't till 2018 till I got into this again.

Where did I start?

Well if I say myself it wasn't a simple start for me. First I got into animation I spent most of my free time making Stop motion animations with the wrestling figures I had if you'd like to watch it you can do so here it was called RWS at the time but now it's called The Wrestle Break.

After that in 2018 after moving to Pakistan my uncle offered me an internship at the place where he worked at. That is where I got introduced to the World of CMS and web development. I spent 1 month there and that is when I really got the itch to learn more.

So, I had a friend at college who was teaching Laravel at the time, but he asked for around 45$ for the whole course now at that time my family wasn't doing so well. So I got a job at a customer care center where my goal was to save some money so that I could pay the fee and that I did.

I worked there at the customer care center for around 3 months while also taking classes then I was offered an internship at my first company.

My actual developer job

Now at my first company, I just knew the basics of Laravel and Jquery, but as I was experienced with WordPress I was able to stick there. I was paid around 27$ a month for almost 2 months but I got to learn a lot as my seniors were working with ReactJs and React Native.

That is when I found out that there is a lot to learn in the world of web development. I started learning it.

After a while, I got very good at it. I spent the day and night watching tutorials on youtube trying to learn, I use to travel around 50 minutes just to get classes, but all of the struggles paid up in the end.

What I learned in 2022

Now this story hasn't ended yet. There is still a long way to go for me, but in 2022 I got into learning NodeJs and ReactJs. I polished up my skills in React native. I got into cloud computing and feels like I've come so far.

Now the party doesn't stop there as web 3 has been getting a lot of buzz lately. So now a days just trying to stay in the loop and polish my skills.

My advice to new developers

For all new developers, I would highly recommend they never quit as you never know what might be the right time. There have been many times when I've thought of quitting. but today I'm happy because I didn't quit. It might be hard at the start but believe me that it will be worth it.

Hope you found this useful. Do share your thoughts what you thought would love to hear from you.