Level up your terminal

Level up your terminal

Fig.io Autocomplete for your terminal.


Well, how many of you think while working on your terminal that why do I have to write everything, Can't there just be some kind of auto-complete. Oh, no one here, maybe my Mom is right that I'm spoiled, Anyways let me introduce you to fig.io IntelliSense for your terminal.

What is fig

Fig is an open-source terminal that autocompletes most of your commands on your terminal. Whether it's installing npm packages, committing to Github or just changing directories with your terminal.

Fig is also open source which means if fig already does not have the commands available for your needs you can go ahead and add them yourselves.

Installing fig

Installing fig is super simple just visit the link fig.io/invite or fig.io which will then take you to their homepage and you can simply download it from there.

Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 1.13.20 PM.png

After it's done downloading, open it up and go through the installation process.

You can check out the installation process here

But their installer does a good job of getting you through it and familiarizing you with there terminal as well.

Time to enjoy

Now that you have fig installed you should be able to have the autocompletion. The gif below shows Fig in action.


Hope you found it useful. If you did please do let me know in the comments and by reacting to the blog. Plus if you have any topic ideas do let me know as I'm starting out and would love if you suggested something.


Bye for now.