An open source Javascript game engine.

An open source Javascript game engine.

CT.js your new 2D game editor.


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Well, we've all been there you want to make games but don't want to invest time in downloading some game engine and learn the language to make games on it, or the software ends up being too expensive. What I have for you today hits most of these points. It's open-source, it's free, and If you're familiar with javascript then you are all good to go.

Say hello to ct.js the open-source 2d game engine that is available on windows, mac, and Linux as well. It is small in size with great documentation to get you started with building your first game. I knew nothing about game development or ctj.s but was able to get a simple space-shooter game in about an hour.


Basic concepts

Importing Textures

Importing textures is super easy when you are in a project just goto the textures tab and import your textures.

Easy character animations

Animating your characters is also handled by CT.js you just have to import your character sprite sheet. You can find many sprite sheets from the sprite resource.



Ct.js allows you to build your games for web as well as desktop using the same code. And if you are skilled enough there is also a way of building your games using cordova to release it for android and ios as well.


CT.js is a very cool game engine if you are someone like me who knows javascript and has a low spec machine that can't run unity but want to build games. You can learn more about CT.js from this link

Have you tried CT.js yet or know of any other game engines do let me know and share your thoughts as well. Thank you for your time.